• How to Disable the Interactive UI Introduction in GNOME Glade

    TL;DR Add the following lines in your ~/.config/glade.conf:

  • Customizing Coreboot on a ThinkPad X200 - 01: Background

    Last summer I bought a ThinkPad X200 with the help of Jeff Bai. Since then I have been performing many firmware experiments (i.e. flashing and testing Coreboot) on it, and now I think it’s time to note down all my experiences, in the hope that people like you can benefit from them.

  • A Fundamental Guide to Linux

    Note: This article is originally written for my classmates attending COMP4163 Neural Networks and Deep Learning.

  • NETGEAR(R) ProSafe(R) GS105E Ethernet Switch Review

    About several months ago I was considering buying a new gigabit ethernet switch that has 5 ports (so it’s small enough to fit even on my desk). I already had an unmanaged switch at that time – a TP-LINK TL-SG1005D, 5-port gigabit ethernet switch, but as I was planning to put some devices in the lab, I need another switch to allow more devices get connected to the same network. I searched for gigabit switches on Taobao, and at some time this NETGEAR GS105E switch appears in my eye.

  • Controlling GTK Widgets on GtkStack Page Switch

    TL;DR: Connect callbacks to the signal GtkWidget::map of the stack children.

  • Asynchronous GUI Update in GTK

    TL;DR: gdk_threads_add_idle() / gdk_threads_add_timeout()

  • Controlling All Widgets in GTK Callbacks With GtkBuilder

    TL;DR: gtk_builder_connect_signals(builder, builder)

  • LFS on MIPS64 全过程笔录

    Update 20191222: 咕咕咕!关于 MIPS 我 2019 年什么都没有做,而且短时间内可能也不会做。以下关于发行版配置的内容已经过时,现在我的想法又不同了,所以就当个 LFS 踩坑记录参考吧。先做些备注以免误导大众。

  • Prevent Windows From Modifying Your UEFI Boot Sequence

    TL;DR: Set Windows Boot Manager entry to inactive.

  • Connecting a CW Keyer to a Computer Using an Arduino Leonardo

    Recently I take an interest in the amateur radio sports and I have been planning to get a license from CRAC for a month. Few days ago I bought a CW keyer (although I will not have the chance to operate on SW before I got the B license), but had no idea how to connect it to a computer.

  • Can ?: Be an Lvalue in C or Not?

    TL;DR: ?: cannot be an lvalue in C, but it can be an lvalue in C++.

  • Tor 实践

    Tor 在这里*无论是直连还是接网桥都是已经做不到的了,尽管 Tor 的开发者一再声称 Tor 所使用的网桥协议 obfs4 可以躲避任何侦测手段,然而因为实现上的小缺陷(而不是协议本身,协议是完美的1)现在墙也可以侦测到 obfs4 流量并进行拦截了,所以现在一个通行的办法是用 Shadowsocks 先穿出去,然后让 Tor 走 Shadowsocks 来连接洋葱网络。

    1. 盖子这么说的。 

  • LFS on MIPS64 笔记

    Update: 修订于 2018-12-23 / 2019-1-5,第二次 AOSC OS MIPS Port Bootstrap。

  • 如何优雅地使用 PMON 2000

    PMON2000(以下简称 PMON)是一种类似于 BIOS,UEFI 的全功能固件,除了在加电的时候初始化整个电脑,它也可以作为 Bootloader 以及 Debugger,主要应用在嵌入式平台上,然而实际上除了龙芯一家子并没有什么平台使用 PMON。

  • 关于 Yubikey 4 的一些玄学

    大概在两个月前自行入了一枚 Yubikey 4,本来想着就是当 OpenPGP CardU2F 用的,结果发现 Yubikey 4 的各种功能和用法简直是魔幻般的玄学。网上的一些长者的人生经验,包括官方钦定的文档,好像都没怎么系统地讲清楚 Yubikey 4 的功能,这里我想把我两个月来折腾的心得分享一下。

  • My GnuPG Configuration

    GnuPG (GPG in short) is a well-known cryptographic utility that enables you to encrypt and sign stuff using strong cryptographic methods (RSA, DSA, ECC, etc). GnuPG is also highly-configurable – that means you can modify its behavior easily. Here I want to share my configuration of GnuPG to you.

  • 如何在单台服务器上可靠地部署 ownCloud

    ownCloud 是一个知名的私有云解决方案,其功能不仅有基础云计算中的云存储,还能进行生活方面的管理(譬如日历、联系人、待办事项等)。关于 ownCloud 的更详细介绍,可以访问其官网,在此我就不再赘述。

  • How to Setup Jekyll Correctly on Github Pages

    I’ve spent about 6 hours to set up this simple blog.

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